How COVID-19 is transforming Online Shopping Behavior?

How COVID-19 is transforming Online Shopping Behavior?

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I don’t think it’s too early to understand that the global pandemic COVID-19 is one of the defining events for upcoming years & its impact is going to last for decades.

This pandemic has drastically changed the complete situation which was never even imagined. Gathering of people at public places has diminished from thousands to hundreds to tens only. All the public places are shutdown whether it is a GYM, Saloon, Shopping Complexes & slowly gradually once the lockdown is over there will be certain restrictions applied to everything like:

  • Wearing a mask is new normal.
  • Not more than ten people can gather inside a shop.
  • Maintain Social Distancing & many more.

There has been and will be a drop-off naturally in brick-and-mortar shopping as people start following social distancing. This in result leads to a change in consumer behavior & people started switching to online shopping whether it is their day to day needs or shopping of clothes, gadgets, etc. This includes limiting store interaction by taking advantage of options like BOPIS( buy online pick-up in-store) or curbside pickup etc.

According to a survey published on Forbes:-


Possibility for a business owner:-

So, you as a business owner also facing various problems and uncertainty. You also want to coop up with your customer in this changing customer behavior and move from brick and mortar stores to have an online store too or to update your existing eCommerce store to provide better customer experience to increase customer retention and maintain standards set up by W3C.

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